Preakness Wraps Up - Pundist and Fans Move on to Belmont and Triple Crown Predictions

Big Brown

Big Brown: Triple Crown Hopeful

NEW YORK May 20, 2008
- Despite triumph and tragedy meeting at the Kentucky Derby in the first leg of the triple crown fan interest and fascination in the possibility of a horse winning the Triple Crown was at an all time high. Now, with Big Brown winning the second leg, interest in horseracing has crossed over to even the casual fan market. People across the globe have been magnetized to the magicalpossiblity of a triple crown winner.

This being the case, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, Bovada posted odds on Big Brown's chances, as well as the likelihood of every possible scenario associated with the possibility of the big stud achieving glory at Belmont.

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"Fans are really eager for a horse to capture their imaginations like Affirmed did back in 1978," stated BetUS spokesman Reed Richards. "That's really where all of this interest stems from. They come to our site hoping the chances are good fro a Triple Crown winner - what those chances are EXACTLY."

Oddsmakers at Bovada posted the following odds on every possible Triple Crown scenario:

Odds that you will pick W, P,S correctly: 13/2

Odds that you take your lunch break to log on to BetUS and place a wager: 1/3

Odds that a horse sired by, or in Big Brown's lineage wins the Triple Crown by 2013:

Yes 8/1

No 1/20

Odds that it rains during race:

Yes 10/11

No 10/11

Over/under on temperature at race Over 82 degrees:

Over: 10/11

Under: 10/11

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by BetUS PR at on May 27, 2008

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