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Many people familiar with the casino dice game of craps think it is impossible to beat online craps. However, you can beat online craps with a thorough understanding of how craps betting works. Like other Internet casino games, craps works by using a Random Number Generator (RNG) program that controls the outcome of the dice. You can gain an edge and beat online craps once you familiarize yourself with the various craps bets you can place.

Craps is played with two dice rolled together, with players betting on the outcome of each roll. To beat online craps, you should first know how the game works. The first roll of the die is called the "come out roll." The person rolling them is called the "shooter." A game of craps ends when a 7 or 11 (naturals) or a 2, 3, or 12 (craps) are rolled. If none of these numbers is rolled on the come out roll (the result is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), this number becomes "the point" and the game continues with subsequent rolls until a natural or a craps comes up. You can beat online craps if you know when to bet on the come out roll and the following rolls.

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The basic craps bets are pass line and don't pass line bets. These can only be placed before the come out roll. If you want to beat online craps, you should understand the difference. Pass line bets win if the come out roll is a natural, and lose if the come out roll is craps. If a point is established on the come out roll, a pass line bet can ride until naturals or craps is reached. You can also increase your pass line bet as the game proceeds. Don't pass line bets, therefore, are the opposite of pass line bets: they win if the come out roll is craps, and lose if it is a natural. Another important thing to remember when you want to beat online craps is that the house advantage is lower on a pass line bet.

After the come out roll, you can place a come or don't come bet. These bets will also help you beat online craps when you are familiar with how they work. If the come out roll establishes a point, you can place a come bet that will win if the shooter's next roll is a natural, and lose if the next roll is craps. If the next roll is not a natural or craps, that number becomes the "come point" and your come bet will win if the shooter rolls the come point before hitting a natural or craps. Like pass line/don't pass line bets, come/don't come bets are opposites. A don't come bet wins if the next roll is craps, and loses on a natural. There are a few exceptions for don't come bets: they are a push (bet is returned) if the next roll is a 2; and after the come point is established, they lose if the come point is rolled again.

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Further bets you can place to beat online craps are odds bets, field bets, Big Six or Big Eight, Place Win, Place Lose, Buy, Lay, Any 7, Any 11, and Any Craps. As you can see, the key to be able to beat online craps is in understanding the betting structure. You can find more information on craps betting at your favorite Internet casino.


by Bones at on September 24, 2016

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