2014 Belmont Stakes Bets

Belmont betting odds and Belmont bets by Arthur Bodley

The idea of placing Belmont Stakes bets throughout the actual buildup to the final leg of the Triple Crown horse race is not a new concept. The Triple Crown is one of the most prestigious and well known horse races around the world, making it a glowing target for individuals who are interested in fast-paced and exciting wagers and payouts. To place Belmont Stakes bets, many people prefer to be up to speed on all the horses and the jockeys who will be taking place in the event by completing education on their own. This would help their bets to likely be more accurate as compared to those who place their wagers are a result of their individual race numbers, racing names and other arbitrary aspects. However, this is not always possible for the individuals to retain all of this information. Due to this, online sources are very helpful for giving individuals insight and information about the wagers that can be made in relation to the Belmont Stakes.

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When you make Belmont Stakes bets, you are betting on the horse who will win this last leg of the Triple Crown. It can be a very expensive and rewarding wager, but some people want to be able to have some reasoning to back up their specific and chosen wager. As a result, it is helpful for many people to look over available online websites for reputable information about how to place a bet experienced Belmont Stakes gamblers would understand and appreciate. This is especially true for gamblers who are not as educated as they would like to be, but those who want to gamble in a manner that is reminiscent of a bet that a more seasoned gambler would place.

Overall, there are a number of big advantages when making Belmont Stakes bets as compared to any other throughout the horse racing season. The biggest motivating factor is money. As one of the most popular races to take place all year, individuals are looking at a much higher rate of payout for winners because of the vast amount of individuals who are willing to take place in such a wager.

2014 Belmont Stakes Betting Odds sponsored by Sportsbook.ag - June 7th, 2014

HorseOdds to Win
California ChromeEven
Candy Boy+3000
Commanding Curve+800
Intense Holiday+3500
Kid Cruz+5000
Ride On Curlin+600
Ring Weekend+5000
Social Inclusion+3500
Wicked Strong+800


by Arthur Bodley at 1800-sports.com on May 21, 2014

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