2016 Belmont Stakes Betting Odds

belmont park race track

Belmont Park Race Track: Elmont, New York

2016 Belmont Stakes odds by Arthur Bodley

The Belmont Stakes odds betting can get a bit tricky for the everyday horse bettor to figure out. For one thing, because the Belmont Stakes like all the other Triple Crown races are limited to 3 year-olds, the horses are different every single year. The second problem with figuring out the Belmont Stakes odds is that even though the horses have already run the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, the Belmont is a much different race, therefore it can be difficult to predict who will show at Belmont based on the showings at the Kentucky Derby or the Preakness. Finally, there seems to be less continuity over the years with regards to the trainers and owners who win at Belmont Park. Despite these difficulties, there are ways to figure out the Belmont Stakes odds betting and make good bets that can be profitable.

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In most sports, you can determine the future by looking at the past. For example, you can look at a basketball player and his performance not just over the season, but over the course of his career. You can figure out if he is peaking, getting better, or declining in terms of his talent. You can do the same thing with an entire team. Triple Crown horse racing is much different because only 3 year-old horses are allowed to run, so you don't have much of a feel for how the horse will perform in a particular race.

This is part of the reason why figuring out advantageous Belmont Stakes odds are so difficult. However, this means that you have to pay closer attention to how a horse runs the races that occur earlier in the season that resemble the Belmont. Look for the horses that perform well in other 1 mile long races, as that is the length of the Belmont. Keep in mind that many horses that perform well at shorter distances, like 1 or 1 miles perform less well at this longer distance. This is the primary reason why Kentucky Derby betting and the Preakness are not generally good indicators as to who will win the Belmont. Indeed, over the years many horses have won the first two races in the Triple Crown only to be defeated in the Belmont Stakes.

Also, unlike the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, where many of the same jockeys and trainers show up over and over again throughout the years in both races, the trainers and jockeys who do well at the Belmont seem to be a slightly different crowd. For example, trainer D. Wayne Lukas won the Belmont in '94, '95' and '96 with Tabasco Cat, Thunder Gulch and Editor's Note. He won again in 2000 with Commendable. When evaluating Belmont Stakes odds you should consider how successful a trainer and jockey have been in past Belmont races, but not, necessarily in the other Triple Crown races.

2016 Belmont Stakes - Odds to Win sponsored by Bovada Sports

HorseOdds to Win
Exaggerator -120
Suddenbreakingnews +700
Cherry Wine +1000
Stradivari +1000
Destin +1600
Brody's Cause +1800
Governor Malibu +2000
Creator +2500
Unified +3300
Trojan Nation+3300
Wild About Deb +4000
Forever d'Oro +4000
Gettysburg +4000
Seeking the Soul +4000


by Arthur Bodley at 1800-sports.com on June 06, 2016

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