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If you like to bet on horses, you have a lot of options available to you today. Gamblers and horse racing fans can bet on horses at the race track, at an off-track betting facility, through a sportsbook, or using an online sportsbook. Horse racing is a popular sport and there is almost always a race going on somewhere, so you can bet on horses pretty much any time. The method you choose to bet on horses should depend on the involvement level you want (casual or professional), your gambling bankroll or budget, and whichever way is most enjoyable for you.

Many people choose to bet on horses right from the race track, so they can watch the race live and cheer on their favorite horses. To bet on horses at a race track, your first step would be to buy and study the racing form to see which horses are racing and what their win histories and classes are. Next, you would go to the betting window and place your bet. The lowest wager allowed at a race track is usually one dollar, and there are also windows with other increments such as five dollars, ten dollars, twenty-five dollars and up. You can also bet on horses from an off-track betting facility, where there are usually live televised racing feeds available to watch. The procedure for off-track betting is similar to those at a race track.

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Sportsbooks are another option for people who like to bet on horses. There are some sportsbooks that allow you to bet on horses over the phone, such as those located in Las Vegas or offshore, usually in Costa Rica or the Antiguas. One increasingly popular option to bet on horses is the online sportsbook. Many horse racing fans choose to sign up with online sportsbooks and bet on horses because of the convenience of placing bets from your home computer and the wide range of available races, odds, and betting options. Online sportsbooks are an easy, safe and fun way to bet on horses.

When you bet on horses, you should know about the various types of bets allowed. The most popular types are Win, Place and Show. A Win bet, also called a straight bet or single, is the easiest and most wagered bet on horses. This type of bet is just picking which horse you think will come in first for any given race. Place and Show bets pay out less than Win bets, but offer higher winning odds. Each of these types of bets involve one horse. You win a Place bet if your horse comes in first or second; and a Show bet if your horse comes in first, second or third. Other options to bet on horses include Pick 3, Pick 6, combination, Daily Double, jackpot, parlay and futures.

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by Arthur Bodley at on June 03, 2015

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