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In the midst of the online "Celebetting" craze, bettors from WagerWeb favor Lindsay Lohan, Tara Reid and Paris Hilton as the next celebrity most likely to be arrested and charged with a DUI. WagerWeb, one of the Internet's largest betting sites, offers odds surrounding the hottest issues in headline, entertainment and sporting news, often at the request of its own customers.

The most recent betting odds on Lindsay Lohan are out! Bet on how much time Lohan will spend in Jail!

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"Whether it's oil prices, celebrity couple break-ups, or presidential elections, our customers frequently call or email to request odds surrounding the top news stories," says Dave Johnson, CEO of WagerWeb. "Mel Gibson's arrest for a DUI, among other celebrities, sparked huge interest in DUI odds." Recently, more than 50 percent of WagerWeb bettors correctly picked Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra to split from the first installment of site endorser Cindy Margolis' Celebrity Break-Up list.

The odds asking which celebrity will be the first to be arrested and charged with a DUI are as follows:

Lindsay Lohan
1 to 2

Tara Reid
1 to 1

Paris Hilton
2 to 1

David Hasselhoff
3 to 1

Frankie Muniz
4 to 1

Shannon Doherty
5 to 1

Tommy Lee
6 to 1

Jenna Bush
7 to 1

Mary Kate Olsen
8 to 1

Nicole Richie
8 to 1

Andy Dick
10 to 1

Jack Nicholson
12 to 1

Vince Vaughn
14 to 1

Nicholas Cage
16 to 1

Colin Farrell
18 to 1

Nick Nolte
20 to 1

Mel Gibson
21 to 1

Whitney Houston
22 to 1

Robert Downey Jr.
23 to 1

Kid Rock
24 to 1

Pamela Anderson
25 to 1

Ashley Olsen
26 to 1

Kelly Osbourne
27 to 1

Jake Gyllenhaal
28 to 1

Courtney Love
29 to 1

Johnny Knoxville
30 to 1

Jessica Simpson
35 to 1

Nick Lachey
40 to 1

Chad Lowe
45 to 1

Brad Pitt
50 to 1

Amanda Bynes
55 to 1

George Clooney
60 to 1

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by WagerWeb PR at 1800-sports.com on August 17, 2006

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