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Superbowl LI Predictions by Mike Jones

The 2017 Super Bowl is about to commence and many football fans plan on betting on Super Bowl predictions. Prepared well in advance for the fact that football fans will be betting on Super Bowl predictions, sports betting sights are already announcing their Super Bowl pick for this year. Who do you think the big winner will be in the 2017 Super Bowl-are you prepared and ready to begin betting on Super Bowl predictions for 2018?

Super Bowl LI Picks from Mike Jones

Predicting multiple Super Bowl winners year after year, NFL expert handicapper Mike "The Picker" Jones has returned with his 2017 Super Bowl LI prediction! For the past three seasons, Mike predicted the Seattle Seahawks winning the Superbowl outright for 2014 and 2015. This worked great for him in 2014, however, as we know the Hawks could not hold back the Patriots in the final quarter during Super Bowl XLIX. Last year Mike's Superbowl prediction was the Denver Broncos beating the Carolina Panthers 27-24. As +6 underdogs heading into Super Bowl 50, Mike was spot on with predicting the Broncos winning outright.

For the 2016-2017 NFL betting season, Mike's early (preseason wk1) Superbowl prediction shows the New York Giants beating the Indianapolis Colts outright (too early to pick scoring spreads). Now that the Colts can not make the Playoffs, Mike's Superbowl 51 predictions have the Atlanta Falcons beating the New England Patriots 38-35. Check out the current Superbowl LI future odds at Bovada Sports and get an early jump on all the intense, no holds barred, pro football Super Bowl betting action!!

Sports betting websites can help you find out the favorites-thus, betting on Super Bowl predictions has never been easier. This year's Super Bowl will be held in Houston, Texas, and sports sites everywhere are already listing their picks for this year's Super Bowl winners. Betting on Super Bowl predictions is a prudent idea considering the fact that sports betting websites make a living keeping a close eye on the capabilities of every team.

Bet Superbowl 51!

2017 Super Bowl Betting Odds sponsored by Bovada Sportsbook!

Bet New England Patriots: Point Spread -3 (-120) --- Money Line -145

Bet Atlanta Falcons: Point Spread +3 (EVEN) --- Money Line +125

Over 59.5 +110 --- Under 59.5 -130

Alternatively, some sports betting websites will be more than happy to send you betting on Super Bowl predictions free via email. Plus, along with the betting on Super Bowl predictions you'll receive, you can also receive detailed analysis on the teams being picked. What more can a football fan hope for? Free, betting on Super Bowl predictions and team analysis-the Internet is truly a vast and wonderful resource!

A little friendly advice pertaining to betting on Super Bowl predictions is in order at this time-don't believe everything you come across on the Internet. In fact, verifying information that you receive pertaining to betting on Super Bowl predictions is extremely important. Take a look into a team's overall play ability, review the team players individually and see if the teams potential matches up with the betting on Super Bowl predictions you are being offered. If they do, then by all means, go ahead and place your bets. If they don't, then keep researching until you find the perfect teams before you start betting.

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In the end, betting on Super Bowl predictions can help a football fan get a little bit of insight on what teams are looking like potential winners in Super Bowl 51. Nevertheless, an element of luck is always in the game and the more a fan knows about a team the better off they will be when they are placing their bets.


by Mike Jones at on February 2, 2017

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