Boxing Betting

All too often, online sports gamblers overlook boxing betting as a good way to make extra profit. For some reason, many gamblers in the United States choose to limit themselves, betting only on such popular sports as football, basketball, and baseball. This is a mistake, as there are numerous matches perfect for boxing betting each and every week. Though all boxing matches are not on a championship level, there are many that offer good opportunity for boxing betting.

You are at an advantage if you choose to pursue boxing betting while others are ignoring it. Why? The advantage lies in the fact that clever handicappers are still able to produce high winning percentages. This is due to the fact that many sportsbooks don't really focus hard on boxing lines. This neglect can translate into nice wins for those smart enough to bet on boxing.

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Want a tip for handicapping a match? Start by thinking about the unique fighting style of each boxer. Consider if your boxer has a brawling style of fast feet. Is he a southpaw or a power puncher? Some styles of boxing work well against other styles. For example, a duck and weaver is often a good choice for your wagering.

Try to find the best online sportsbooks for boxing betting. To do so, conduct a little research to determine who has the most wagering options and the best propositions. With some online sportsbooks, you will enjoy better boxing lines and more ways to bet on a match. With others, you may find yourself stuck with shockingly slim pickings and undesirable boxing betting odds. It really pays to search around for the best online sportsbooks. Look for sportsbooks that make it easy for you to play and give you safe, fair environments in which to gamble.

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Information is so very important to so many things in life. Boxing betting is no exception. Dig for as much information as you can find on boxing betting, matches, odd, and the boxers themselves. Often, experienced gamblers may begin to feel that they already know everything and no longer need to research. This is a huge mistake as there are always surprises. If you keep your eyes open, you may be able to turn boxing betting surprises into big bucks in your pocket.

If you are new to boxing betting, be sure to read some of the many guidebooks and introductory lessons available online. These guides can take the confusion out of betting on boxing. Go ahead and read up, have fun, and win big!


by Keith Rhodes at on February 23, 2006

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