Chicago beats Orioles in an important upset: MLB Picks

major league baseball 2017

Major League Baseball 2017

Chicago Cubs vs. Baltimore Orioles - the battle of uncertainties

The first half did not belong either to Chicago Cubs or Baltimore Orioles in Major League Baseball. They both are not considered hot MLB picks given the way they have fared in 2017 so far. But, this does not soothe down the excitement surrounding the play scheduled this weekend in Charm City. In fact, this duel is considered one of the most promising interleague matches and pits the rarest matchups against one another. Not many times, the two teams have played against each other, so it is the field day for bookmakers who are making the best out of uncertainties and expectations looming over this battle of the equals.

This interleague duel is slated to start at 7:05 (ET) with first pitch at Camden Yards, where a lot of action is expected to happen between Kevin Gausman and Mile Montgomery. Both are playing, of course, to win back the glory and this is making things quite hot and happening for the bettors. The MLB betting odds for this match are yet to be released. However, the online bookies, place Baltimore around -130 and the total would be somewhere near 9. So, it is the right time to register with betting sites and look for free bets by the bookies offers trending the inter net.

NL Central Clubs pinning hopes on Gausman

Before the 4-day hiatus, Chicago was finding it hard to stay firm on the ground, as it had to face defeat in 3 out of the four games. The surprise attack came from Pittsburgh that adorned the scoreboard with 10 runs reserving the top of the first at Wrigley. This development has pushed Cub's position to -210 at online bookies site. The Cubs are facing tough times with the weak starting rotation, which the manager Joe Madden hopes to make up for in the second half push expected to be a bit bigger. Currently, the Cubs are just two games short of .500. The southpaw current score as a starter is 5.40 ERA and has entered the rotation brigade. This development took place in June where it moved on from the previous mark of 2.49 scored out of the bullpen. Montgomery tossed smashing three scoreless innings, but also faced the O's twice, having secured the position as a reliever while having a gala time with Seattle.

Gausman needs to take out new magic tricks off his mystery bag as he is becoming more and more predictable to hitters. The hitter's batting average is oscillating around 0.318 against him. Though he basked in winning glory to wrap up June and welcome July in style, however, it is not seen as much harm to Baltimore who faced the bad music only for these times out of six when Gausman played the pivotal role in their defeat. His strong area is home and not the road, where he scores 4.45 and 7.98 ERAs respectively. Gausman who has seen glorious years as LSU standout had a tough time with other three NL Central teams - Reds, Cardinals, and Pirates where he shelled out 17 runs in 15 frames making Orioles hold the winner badge, but with a lot of sweat.

Competition trends, Rain Factor

So, this is not a case of bulls banging their heads against one another as these are not so famous for competing fiercely till date. Just nine meetings during a regular season with absolutely dry postseason are not enough to give this duel a stature of hardcore rivalry. Thus, the betting options are many and the trend, says that 'under' bettors got to cash their wager only twice in the last 14 years. The two clubs have not met each other on the ground at Baltimore since the last duel 14 years ago, and so offer lots of premises to bet. The Current series is seeing The Cubs in the lead with a 6-3 score, the three of which were matches snatched from Orioles who they met in Chicago about three years back.

Online betting sites are, therefore, backing the visiting team and offering free picks. This decision has come from the fact that rain is going to play a crucial role in deciding the fate of the match. Friday is expected to be a rainy day in Baltimore; hence, it is advisable to keep an eye on the latest updates before placing the wager.


by Bookies Offers at on July 16, 2017

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