College Basketball Betting Odds

The 2012 college basketball betting season is finally here! So you know your favorite college basketball team's betting odds! That's not all you need to know when picking a winner! Sports gambling is gaining popularity, but at present gambling in team sports is more or less limited to football and basketball. Sports gambling is different from traditional gambling in casinos, poker, bingo, etc. Gambling in college basketball is special, as it involves association. When someone is betting on a college basketball team, the odds are that he or she is a follower of that particular team. As a follower you will know the chances of your college basketball team more than the specialists and speculators who simply predict the chances of your basketball team by analyzing the stats given to them. However, looking at the bigger picture, for better college basketball betting odds you also need to know the stats and current form of other teams.

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Nowadays, there are many sportbooks (and websites) available online as well as offline that provide detailed information on college basketball teams. Even if you are just a starter and don't have a favorite team you've been following, you have a good chance in college basketball betting because you need not be an expert analyzer. All you have to do is subscribe to a good online sportsbook and find sites that provide reliable information. Take on board the stats presented by the expert analyzers, and then you can make your pick and place a bet. Yes, it's as easy as that.

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College basketball betting odds can be expressed in many ways; however, two of the most popular ways are point spread and money line. In a point spread, any one of the teams will be better on paper or on current form and will have some points representing its chances of winning a game. The better team (favorite) is given a negative number (ex: -4) corresponding to its chances of winning to bring both the teams on par. After this adjustment you get ATS (Against the spread) results. Now the favorite team should not only win but it should win by more than 4 points for the bettor to make any money. Understanding Money Line is easier; in Money line you get to know the amount you need to bet in order to win $100 or the amount you'll win if you bet $100. Money lines are expressed with a positive (+150) or a negative (-150) number, a positive number indicates the amount you'll win if you bet $100 and a negative number indicates the amount you must bet in order to win $100.

The system of college basketball betting odds might appear a bit complicated initially, but you just need to place a few bets to get used to it.

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by Bobby Latrel at on February 02, 2012

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