NCAA College Bowl Predictions 2014

College Football Bowl Predictions

If you are an avid fan of college football then you probably love to make college bowl predictions - whether it is predicting which teams will go to what bowl games or which team will win a bowl game. College bowl games are great events, and the fact that there are so many of them each year makes college football fans very happy, especially those fans who like to bet on these games online. The bowl predictions made by the Internet casino sportsbooks can become very serious business when you are placing some strategic wagers on the games, and you want to make sure that you are keeping on top of these predictions and comparing what the different experts have to say.

Internet casino sportsbooks run like the brick and mortar sportsbooks; they use oddsmakers and sports experts to help predict the outcome of sports events and to set lines and spreads for gamblers. In order for a point spread to be set so that the favorite team and the underdog can be a little more balanced going in, thus giving the house more of an advantage, the oddsmakers have to be as close to the mark with their predictions as possible.

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This is even more important when it comes to college bowl games; football wagering at Internet casino sportsbooks increases considerably when it is on a bowl game. Fans will be making their own college bowl predictions, of course, and there is almost always a clear favorite for every game, so the online sportsbook oddsmakers have to set their spreads carefully. "Team A" may be favored to win, but by how much? When you are making straight bets on which team will win a certain bowl game then you most likely will rely on your own college football bowl predictions to make your wagers, but if you will be betting on a posted spread then you need a little more careful consideration. Visit a few Internet casino sportsbooks and see if the spreads they are posting for a certain bowl game are different. Or, visit your favorite Internet casino sportsbook and check the spread that they are posting for a certain bowl game and see if you agree with it. The oddsmakers are not called "experts" for nothing, but you still want to listen to your gut instinct. If the spread that your favorite sportsbook posts gives Team A the win by 14 points and you have a strong feeling that the game will be a lot closer, place your wager on the underdog. Read what the oddsmakers have to say but learn to trust yourself too.

2015 NCAA College Football Championship Predictions: With reigning Heisman Trophy winner and most of its core players returning, the FSU Seminoles will certainly be one of the hot bets to win the 2015 NCAA college football championship. Currently, Jameis Winston's squad is a 15/4 (+375) favorite at Bovada Sports and +400 at

The biggest threat to the Noles' chances of winning back-to-back titles will come in the form of the Oregon Ducks and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Oregon is +600 at SB and 7/1 (+700) at BV, while Nick Saban's squad has been listed as +650 at SB and 5/1 at BV.

Personally, I do believe that one of those three teams will become the first National Champion in history to go through the new college football playoff system. It seems that people are mistakenly discarding Bama's chances this season, as everyone seems to be aboard the FSU bandwagon.

For my money, I like the Crimson Tide's chances to go all the way, especially after being humbled last season. With a formidable team still in place - even after this year's NFL Draft - and with a great value of either +650 or +500, there's no way I would pass up on a Roll Tide bet this season.

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by Mike Jones at on December 27, 2013

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