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The 2015 College Football Championship Game betting odds have been updated and sponsored through powerhouse sportsbooks, Bovada Sports and Sportsbook.ag. Even though the 2014-2015 NCAA college football season has yet to begin, there is no better time than now to bet on the College Football National Championship and score big this NCAA football betting season. The first-ever College Football Championship Game will be hosted by AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Monday, January 12, 2015. Good luck with all your college bowl predictions and have fun wagering all season.

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Established in 1998, the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) has conducted a contest between its two top-ranked teams to determine a national champion. It was a formula consisting of the associated press and coaches' polls, computer rankings, strength of schedule and performance against other top teams. The new championship game will be the culmination of the 2014-2015 bowl games. The national title will be contested via a four-team bracket system, the College Football Playoff, which replaces the previous Bowl Championship Series.

The teams playing for the national championship are the winners of semifinal bowl games held January 1, 2015. The semifinal games are the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. The semifinal participants will be chosen and ranked 1-4 by the 13-member playoff selection committee, with 1 playing 4 and 2 playing 3.

College Football Championship Game Betting Odds by Sportsbook.ag!

Alabama: +650
Arizona: +12000
Arizona St: +12000
Auburn: +850
BYU: +30000
Baylor: +3000
Boise St: +30000
Clemson: +8000
Duke: +100000
Florida: +4000
Florida St: +500
Georgia: +1300
Georgia Tech: +100000
Iowa: +10000
Kansas St: +10000
LSU: +2500
Louisville: +30000
Miami FL: +20000
Michigan: +8500
Michigan St: +3500
Mississippi St: +12000
Missouri: +11000
Nebraska: +9000
North Carolina: +10000
Northwestern: +20000
Notre Dame: +6500
Ohio St: +1000
Oklahoma: +1200
Oklahoma St: +20000
Ole Miss: +4500
Oregon: +750
Oregon St: +100000
Pittsburgh: +100000
South Carolina: +2500
Stanford: +6500
TCU: +17500
Tennessee: +20000
Texas: +8500
Texas A&M: +10000
Texas Tech: +50000
UCLA: +1400
USC: +2800
Utah: +100000
Utah St: +50000
Vanderbilt: +100000
Virginia Tech: +20000
Washington: +8500
Washington St: +100000
Wisconsin: +3500
xz Field (Any Other Team): +10000

College Football Championship Game Betting Odds by Bovada Sportsbook!

Alabama: 5/1
Florida State: 11/2
Oregon: 8/1
Auburn: 9/1
Oklahoma: 9/1
Ohio State: 10/1
Georgia: 14/1
UCLA: 14/1
LSU: 22/1
Michigan State: 25/1
USC: 25/1
Baylor: 33/1
Florida: 33/1
South Carolina: 33/1
Wisconsin: 33/1
Mississippi: 40/1
Stanford: 40/1
Michigan: 50/1
Notre Dame: 50/1
Nebraska: 66/1
Texas: 66/1
Texas A&M: 66/1
Clemson: 75/1
Missouri: 75/1
Arizona: 100/1
Arizona State: 100/1
Iowa: 100/1
Kansas State: 100/1
North Carolina: 100/1
Washington: 100/1
Louisville: 150/1
Miami: 150/1
Mississippi State: 150/1
Oklahoma State: 150/1
TCU: 150/1
Tennessee: 150/1
Virginia Tech: 150/1
Arkansas: 300/1
Boise State: 300/1
BYU: 300/1
Cincinnati: 300/1
Texas Tech: 300/1
West Virginia: 300/1
Boston College: 500/1
Georgia Tech: 500/1
Oregon State: 500/1
Pittsburgh: 500/1
South Florida: 500/1
UCF: 500/1
California: 1000/1
Rutgers: 1000/1


by Mike Jones at 1800-sports.com on August 05, 2014

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