2014 FIFA World Cup Betting

fifa world cup 2014 brasil

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brasil

FIFA World Cup Betting

With only a few days until play begins, FIFA World Cup betting is getting underway in earnest. Without a doubt; one of the most anticipated events in sports, the World Cup, inspires billions of dollars in bets every four years. If you are one of those who enjoys the World Cup then placing a few friendly wagers is a way to add another spark of fun and interest to this great event.

Since World Cup play was inaugurated in 1930 the title has been won by only eight different countries. In addition, the World Cup is won almost one third of the time by the host country. Unfortunately, the last time Cup play came to Brazil (1950) as it has this year, the Brazilian team did not win the Cup. However, throughout the play of the tournament there are so many ways to bet that the odds are always good for an upset, sometimes of incredible proportion. Not only that but there are so many different things to bet on - not just winning and losing - that FIFA World Cup Betting offers ample opportunities for surprising and sometimes lucrative returns.

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Before match play begins, Brazil in Group A is the odds on favorite to win the whole shebang. Pulling from Group F Argentina looks like a good bet. You should also never overlook Germany which starts its run as part of Group G.

Part of the excitement of FIFA World Cup betting though is that just picking the final winner is in no way the only bet to make. You should also consider picking the two teams that will meet head on in the final game and/or the group from which the winner will come. Of course, betting on the outcome of each game makes for an additional fillip when watching the games. Having money on which teams will emerge from group play can be a good way to cover your betting bases.

For those who want to have wagers within the games themselves, FIFA World Cup betting offers plenty of possibilities. Betting on the player who will score the first goal is always a popular pick as is betting on the time when the first goal will be scored. No matter how you choose to lay your bet having a wager on the action can only add to the excitement of what is perhaps the world's premier sporting event.


by Marcus Franz at 1800-sports.com on June 03, 2006

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