2014 NCAA Final Four Spread

2014 NCAA Final Four Spreads by Bobby Latrel

March Madness seems to creep up on us basketball fans every year; one season ends and soon it is time to start filling out the brackets and looking for the Final Four Spread. March Madness is plenty exciting all by itself; however, adding the excitement of gambling can really kick the month into overdrive. Along with the brackets, the Final Four spread is one of the best ways to make some money and increase your enjoyment of March Madness. The Final Four spread simply refers to the odds that the bookmakers have given each of the final four teams to win the National Championship. By playing the odds and paying careful attention to key games and players, it can be relatively easy to parlay the Final Four spread into big winnings for you come April.

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There are two very general ways to bet on basketball during March Madness. One way is to bet on the bracket, you fill out the bracket and you earn points for each team you correctly assess. That is, you get points for picking correctly which teams will be ousted in which round. Another very general way to bet on college basketball during March madness is the Final Four spread. In many ways the betting the Final Four spread is much better than betting the bracket, because there is so much uncertainty, you have to pick, with a pretty good degree of accuracy, the outcome of 64 games. When betting the Final Four spread, you only have to figure out the outcome of 3 games. By this time in most years, the Cinderella teams are either gone or have made a great name for themselves and may even have become favorites to win.

Betting the Final Four Spread is much like betting the spread in any other basketball game. The favored teams are assigned negative numbers while the underdogs are assigned positive numbers. You have to bet more money to win $X on the favored teams while a win by an underdog can potentially make the bettor a lot of money. That is, of course, one of the great things about March Madness and Final Four betting in particular; and that is that anything can and does happen. At this juncture, things like past records, crowd conditions and injuries don't necessarily have nearly the impact that they do under normal circumstances and the outcomes of individual games are often wildly unpredictable.

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by Bobby Latrel at 1800-sports.com on March 25, 2014

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