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Horse race betting has been popular for centuries, although organized racing did not begin until after the Civil War in the United States. Horse race betting is a daily event in many countries, and there are hundreds of races in numerous countries around the world. Billions of dollars are wagered in horse race betting by millions of people each year.

Live horse race betting at American tracks is by pari-mutual wagering, developed by Pierre Oller in the late 19th century. Some online horse race betting sites use pari-mutual, but the majority do not, so that your bets are not put into a betting pool, but are considered individually. The odds, the evaluation or handicapping of each horse by pedigree, trainer, jockey, track, pace, and speed, determine horse race betting. Horse race betting covers every type of race, including thoroughbreds, harness racing, quarter horse, and steeplechase.

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There are several types of horse race betting; however, the most commonly used are to win, place, or show, the exacta, and the trifecta. The win is a straight bet on the single winner, to place is to win first or second place, and to show is to win first, second, or third. The exacta in horse race betting is wagering on two horses to win in chosen order, and the trifecta, for three horses to win. In addition, there are other options in horse race betting, including a combination bet covering from two to four horses to win in the chosen order, and pick three and pick six, betting on three and six winners in consecutive races. In addition, there are daily doubles for picking winners in the first and second race, the quinella for first and second winners in any race in no chosen order, and the jackpots for picking six winners in one day.

Horse race betting online offers the same types of bets, daily racing forms, and performance records, as well as tips, strategies, and live video. All horse race betting must be done before the first race starts, the same as at a live racetrack. The latest entries, odds, and track conditions are provided before placing your bets, and the official results are given as soon as the race is over.

The ease and convenience of horse race betting is attracting more and more online sports enthusiasts. Travel and distance is no longer an obstacle; horse race betting online brings this exciting event to your home.

Do you want to bet on sports 24/7? Bet horses online any time from over 80 world-wide racing tracks!


by Arthur Bodley at on April 08, 2014

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