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Horse racing is a very popular sport among bettors. Just about every casino and online sportsbook offers horse racing bet options. The object of placing a horse racing bet is to win money by beating the oddsmakers and predicting which horses will win, place, or show. When you place a horse racing bet, it makes viewing the race more exciting as you cheer for your favorite horse. Whether you watch the race on television or live at a racing track, you can find an opportunity to place a horse racing bet.

There are many types of horse racing bets. If you have never placed a horse racing bet before, you should familiarize yourself with the available options and the ways they pay out when you win. The easiest and most common horse racing bet is a Win bet, which is also called a straight bet or a single. This means you place a bet on which horse you believe will win the race, and collect a payout according to the odds assigned to that particular horse. As with any other sports betting, the odds on the favored horse are smaller than those on the long shots.

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Another type of horse racing bet is called the Place bet. This bet pays off for you if the horse you bet on finishes the race in either first or second place. Since you are betting on a wider margin, the odds for a Place bet will be smaller than for a Win, and you will win less money, but you have a better chance of winning. The third most popular horse racing bet is the Show bet. This widens your chances at winning even further because you collect if the horse you select finishes in either first, second or third place.

There is a wide range of horse racing bet options also available, perhaps more than in any other sport. Other horse racing bet types include a Combination bet, in which you select from two to four horses who must win in your chosen order for you to collect on the bet. Horse racing bets are also available in Pick 3 and Pick 6 options. When you successfully choose the winning horses in three or six consecutive races, you win the Pick bet. A Pick 6 payout can grow up to a million dollars! Some race tracks and sportsbooks will allow a rolling pick option, where you can carry over your Pick 3 or Pick 6 bet to the next series of consecutive races for more chances to win. You can also place a horse racing bet with options such as a Daily Double, Jackpot, Parlay or Accumulator, or Future bets. More horse racing bets include the Quiniele, the Perfecta, the Trifecta and the Superfecta. There are many horse racing bet options available for anyone who enjoys horse racing, and online sportsbooks make it easy for anyone. Learn more about these horse racing option bets at our Horse Race Betting article.

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by Arthur Bodley at on January 30, 2006

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