Horse Racing Betting Tips

Need some horse racing betting tips? Horse racing is one of the most exciting sports to watch. For many people, placing a bet on a horse race increases the excitement of watching the race. If you want to have the best chance at winning money, there are many horse racing betting tips that can help you increase your odds. Horse racing betting tips is universal for sportsbooks, casinos and race tracks. This article will reveal several horse racing betting tips you can follow to make better bets on horse racing and when you are ready to bet on the Ponies, we have the site for you!

One good horse racing betting tip is to only bet on horses you feel have a good chance of winning. If you find that you don't like a horse, you should not bet on it, even if that horse is favored. Also, a good horse racing betting tip is to give preference to previously winning horses. Even though the odds on a proven winner will be lower than those on a long shot, you don't want to throw your betting money away on a horse that probably won't win. You should also avoid betting on a horse that has just moved up in class, as the horse will likely not perform as well as the more experienced members.

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Looking at track conditions on the day of the race is a good horse racing betting tip as well. If the track is heavy, slow or muddy, you should give betting preference to fast starters since poor track conditions favor horses that gain an early lead. You should also consider the jockeys themselves when looking at horse racing betting tips. For longer distance races, experienced jockeys are more favorable because they have had the chance to work with their horse. Also, experienced jockeys should be your first betting choice in hurdle racing. If a jockey falls off a horse mid-race, there is virtually no chance they will win, place, or show.

When it comes to choosing your betting options, there are some horse racing betting tips that can help. Straight bets are the easiest bets to place and often offer the best chance at winning. When placing a straight bet, you should always weigh the odds and avoid both favorites and long shots. Being selective is an important horse racing betting tip. Also, if you are betting straight you should consider placing both a win and a show bet, or an each-way (combination) bet, especially if the odds are relatively high. Learn more about the vast variety of horse wagering bets at our Horse Race Betting article!

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by Arthur Bodley at on June 03, 2015

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