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If you find yourself asking the question "How do I bet on the horses?" then online horse betting may be just the thing for you. Online, you can practice your horse betting skills until others are asking you, "How do I bet on the horses?"

First of all, when you bet on the horses online, you locate the program number assigned to the horse you're interested in or the post position of the horse. You will use this number to designate your online horse betting choice to the online casino sportsbook or online race club. Rather than actually placing your bet on the horse, you're actually placing your bet on the horse's number. Choose how much you'd like to bet, and the number of the horse, and place your online bet.

In order to answer the question, "How do I bet on the horses?" there are a few definitions you should know. These definitions will help you understand the ins and outs of horse betting online and clear up some of the confusion that you may be feeling.

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Scratch - A scratch or scratches refer to horses that were originally scheduled to race, but were withdrawn. You can't purchase bets on scratches and, for the most part, if a horse you've bet upon becomes a late or last minute scratch, your bet will be refunded. If this isn't the case, then it should be stated clearly when you purchase your bet.

Simulcasting - This term refers to the ability that some online tracks have of allowing you to bet on races that are not occurring on their site but someone else's.

Win - That's right. Anyone asking the question, "How do I bet on the horses" undoubtedly knows the meaning of this word - it's why you're betting in the first place! If you bet that a certain horse will win the race and it happens, you win your bet.

Place - When you bet that your horse will place, that means that you think your horse will finish the race in first or second place. The payoff is less than a winning bet, but you have double the chances of winning instead of only one.

Show - When you bet that your horse will show, you are betting that your horse will come in either first, second, or third place. This is a lower paying bet than betting that your horse will win or place, but you have triple the chance of getting a payoff on your bet.

Across the Board - This is when you bet on all three: win, place, and show. If your pick comes in first, you collect all three bets. If he comes in second, you get a payoff on your place and show bets. Third place, and you get a return on your show investment only.

The answer to the question, "How do I bet on the horses?" is as simple as understanding a few key terms and then going to the track, or online, and practicing.

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by Arthur Bodley at on April 21, 2006

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