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First off I want you to think over your last 100 bets that you made. Now remember these bets while reading the following:

#1 Do you even know what the last 100 bets you made were? The first thing
you should do if you are not already is track your bets. Every single bet you make should be written down in a spiral notebook at the very least.

When I track my bets I usually have a different section for each book I am at and then one general notebook in which I include: the date, the bet, the odds, how much I am risking/to win, and the result. Another good idea is to perhaps include why you made the bet. Just by tracking your bets alone will help you stay organized with your accounts and limit the "stupid bets".
After every page I will go through and evaluate how I did percentage and unit wise. It also is a good way to track how much of a rollover you have left for contests and bonuses, thus if there is any problems ever you have it written down and can go back over your notes if a problem with a book arises.

#2 Think about your last 100 bets and ask yourself if you were betting a poor tendency. What do I mean by this? Well for instance betting a majority of favorites is a tendency. Being on a sharp line and betting a majority of dogs could be a tendency. Most people understand that betting overs and favorites are tendencies that books exploit. I look over my bets during football and basketball season and out of every 100 plays I have about 95 underdogs or unders. Now why is this so? Well I figure that if the books are going to shade lines even just a tiny bit I should start betting on dogs and unders thus giving myself a slight edge over betting on favorites and overs. Now, am I saying stop betting favorites and overs? Hell no! There are people who lay chalk and win in the long term. However it is important to understand that books will shade the public tendencies on a regular basis just because most people are inclined to always take the favorite because they are favored to win and overs because not only does it always feel like you have a chance but it is more entertaining to watch.

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#3 Think about your last 100 bets and ask yourself if you got the best line out there? If you are a gambler with the means for just one book then this is probably not for you. However, if you have all your money in one book but can afford to branch out, you are missing the boat. If you can afford to cut your bankroll in half and play at two books instead of one you will increase your winning percentage. It may be one more win every 100 plays, but hey in the long run that is a hell of a deal. Getting that extra half point or better juice will definitely help you in the long run.

#4 Think about your last 100 plays and ask yourself why you made each one? Did you bet 25$ on one bet and then make a 100$ play on another? Did you make a series of chases because you could not see your self losing 4 in a row? Did you make a giant chalk parlay because you were getting what seemed like a good return? If you do not have a solid money management approach you are costing yourself a lot of money. I cannot be clearer about this.

Chasing or making foolish plays for action will normally chew up your bankroll faster then the juice the books are throwing at you. Even if you figure hey it was just 20 bucks, not a big deal to me; that 20 bucks every couple weeks starts building up and now all of a sudden you have to hit 55% of your other bets to break even rather then just over 52%. The simplest strategy when adhered to is the best in my opinion. All I can say is be tight with your money, you should have the same feeling about every bet you make. Gambling is still taking a chance as far as I know which is why to me every bet I make can still win or lose just like the last one I played.

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#5 Contests or bonuses are an awesome way to cut down on the percentage you must hit in order to break even or make money. One can go from needing to hit 53 out of 100 plays to just needing to hit 48 out of 100 plays to break even. I have crunched the numbers and will post up some more on contests and such in later installments, but it should be pretty clear that the reward of contests/bonuses when done right very much outweighs the risks. And in some cases there is no risk, but I will expand on that in later posts.

These are some pretty simple things that most people know about but do not take advantage of or just plain disregard. Winning in gambling takes a lot more then just knowing sports, it takes knowing the business. I will give you a bonus tip as well: Visit Fantasybetszone everyday! There is a lot that we try and bring to the table every day and even if you cannot find what you are looking for just ask. Between the entire FBZ team there is usually nothing we cannot figure out for you within a short period of time.

I hope that you look at the short list above and work on at least one area, thus improving yourself even if it is just a tiny bit.


by Mike Jones at on August 30, 2007

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