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Sports Handicapper Johnny Detroit of Let it Ride Sports

About six years ago I was like every single person in the world who bet on sports. I either won or broke even; or so I thought. Big plans of having my own sports service with tons of clients motivated me daily as I created a makeshift site on GEOCITIES. After countless hours of running through names, it came to me. My all time favorite gambling movie was Let It Ride, so I transformed myself into Johnny Detroit's Let It Ride Sports. After tracking myself for a few months, I soon realized Johnny Detroit was not the greatest Sports Handicapper. Down, but not out, I sat and thought of what I could do next. My goal was to take my site and make it a one stop shop for the sports gambler. With zero revenue coming in, I relied on Free Picks from forum handicappers. Even though it gave me a lot of heat at the time, I came up with the idea of running a free consensus. At the time, people were used to paying for this type of information. Traffic came in droves.

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The key aspects of the site are the free picks, match-ups, and steam moves. With the day of the comp line going the way of the dinosaur, people can now log into their favorite web site and get countless selections all in one place. From Marc Lawrence to Ben Burns, we have them all. The trifecta will be our amazing free picks and analysis tracker I am having built to my unique specifications. In regards to match-ups we are the only site on the web to have both the branded Stat Fox and Sports Betting Wire feeds. To top that off, our programmer has created some amazing database information where you can break down tons of historical data. Another popular feature is the steam moves area, where we boast both the Don Best and GJ Update feed. Basically all the information you need to wager with confidence.

Finally, I might get a chance to rekindle the goal of being a sports service. With my pride in check, I have met many people offshore and in the business who do something I couldn't, WIN. In cooperation with various contacts, I use their plays and past them along to subscribers of Inside Steam. Last year our group finished 4th in college football, 59.5% in the NFL #8 Overall College Football/NFL and hit 83.3% in the bowls documented by the Sports Monitor of Oklahoma. The premise was simple, use my name to market, their plays to win and everyone is happy at the end.

The growth from Let It Ride Sports has spawned various sister sites such as 5 Cappers and Post Your Plays. 5 Cappers consisting of 10 of the best documented handicappers in given sports. We only invite services that are ranked consistently top 10 or higher in a given sport at a trusted monitor like Bobby B's National Sports Monitor. Post Your Plays is home to some of the best amateur handicappers on the web and hosts some great free contests. By next year, we will be launching an amazing match-up content platform, so keep your eyes open for Bet Stats. There will be nothing like it once it is completed and by the time it hits full stride will take the business by storm.

Even though I put in 10+ hours per day running everything from updates to answering 100 or more emails per day, I love every minute of it. Bottom line, I am living the American Dream.

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by Bones McCoy at on January 27, 2006

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