2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Predictions

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2015 March Madness Predictions

The NCAA Men's Basketball Championship predictions are now available for the 2014-2015 college basketball betting season and presented by Bobby Latrel of 1800-Sports.com. All the intense fun and excitement that comes with the March Madness tournament is still months away but college basketball fans all across the nation are already gearing up for their March Madness pools and bracket contests. Take a look at the NCAA basketball Championship predictions below and have fun betting on your favorite NCAAB teams.

2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Predictions: In the coming months, NCAA Men's basketball season will get underway, which means that the time to cash in on the most lucrative ROI bets is right now! Last year, UConn went on an improbable run that ended in one of the most unpredictable championship wins in the tournament's history.

In 2015, however, the team they defeated is projected to get back to the title game, as the Kentucky Wildcats will be the team to beat. The best part about this whole story is that betting on a team of the caliber of John Calipari's team can still make you plenty of cash.

UK is currently valued at +350, making them an impossible bet to pas up on. Not only is Calipari back with many returning players, but the way this season looks, this could be a historic year for the program. As much as I hate picking favorites, I certainly love Kentucky's chances to go all the way next year when March Madness tips off.

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2015 Men's NCAA Basketball Championship betting odds sponsored by Bovada Sports

Odds to Win

Kentucky: 9/2
Arizona: 9/1
Duke: 10/1
Wisconsin: 10/1
Kansas: 16/1
North Carolina: 16/1
Florida: 18/1
Louisville: 20/1
Gonzaga: 25/1
Iowa State: 25/1
Texas: 25/1
Villanova: 25/1
Wichita State: 25/1
Michigan: 33/1
Michigan State: 33/1
San Diego State: 40/1
SMU: 40/1
Syracuse: 40/1
UConn: 40/1
VCU: 40/1
Virginia: 40/1
Ohio State: 50/1
UCLA: 50/1
Iowa: 66/1
Nebraska: 66/1
Oklahoma: 66/1
Miami FL: 75/1
Oregon: 75/1
Pittsburgh: 75/1
Arkansas: 100/1
Baylor: 100/1
Florida State: 100/1
Georgetown: 100/1
Harvard: 100/1
Indiana: 100/1
Kansas State: 100/1
Marquette: 100/1
Maryland: 100/1
Memphis: 100/1
Minnesota: 100/1
Seton Hall: 100/1
St. Louis: 100/1
Tennessee: 100/1
Cincinnati: 150/1
Colorado: 150/1
Dayton: 150/1
Missouri: 150/1
NC State: 150/1
UNLV: 150/1
Alabama: 200/1
California: 200/1
Georgia: 200/1
Illinois: 200/1
LSU: 200/1
New Mexico: 200/1
Notre Dame: 200/1
Oklahoma State: 200/1
Providence: 200/1
St. John's: 200/1
Stanford: 200/1
Xavier: 250/1
Arizona State: 300/1
Auburn: 300/1
BYU: 300/1
Clemson: 300/1
Colorado State: 300/1
Creighton: 300/1
George Washington: 300/1
Georgia Tech: 300/1
LaSalle: 300/1
Ole Miss: 300/1
Penn State: 300/1
Purdue: 300/1
South Carolina: 300/1
St. Joe's: 300/1
Texas A&M: 300/1
UMass: 300/1
USC: 300/1
Vanderbilt: 300/1
West Virginia: 300/1
Boston College: 500/1
Butler: 500/1
DePaul: 500/1
Richmond: 500/1
Texas Tech: 500/1
Virginia Tech: 500/1
Wake Forest: 500/1
Washington: 500/1

Kentucky Wildcats Cute Cheerleader


by Bones McCoy at 1800-sports.com on August 22, 2014

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