Race for the White House Heats Up - Who will Candidates Announce as Running Mates?

NEW YORK, August 12th, 2008: The race for the White House 2008 is in full swing and the negative ad campaigns, mud-slinging, and political rhetoric have left both McCain and Obama looking for a much needed boost in the polls. Political pundits across the country are predicting this will come in the form of both sides announcing who their VP candidates will be in the very near future.

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With politicians and pundits speculating as to who will run with who as vice presidential candidates, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, has once again beaten everyone to the political punch with odds on who the VP choices might be.

Analysts at Bovada posted the following odds on 2008 VP candidates.


Tim Pawlenty 5/2
Mike Huckabee 8/1
Chuck Hagel 45/1
Joe Lieberman 13/1
Condoleeza Rice 10/1
Mitt Romney 5/7
Rudolph Giuliani 35/1
Charlie Crist 6/1
Kay Bailey Hutchison 22/1
Michael Bloomberg 25/1
Chris Cox 10/1
Lindsay Graham 13/1
Mark Sanford 18/1
Sarah Palin 6/1
Rob Portman 7/1
John Kasich 20/1
Haley Barbour 22/1
Bobby Jindal 8/1
Tom Coburn 25/1
Colin Powell 65/1


Hillary Clinton 8/1
Bill Richardson 10/1
Ted Strickland 50/1
Kathleen Sebelius 7/1
Evan Bayh 7/5
Wesley Clark 15/1
Joseph Biden 13/2
Christopher Dodd 8/1
Jim Webb 40/1
Michael Bloomberg 45/1
Al Gore 25/1
Mark Warner 25/1
Janet Napolitano 35/1
Ed Rendell 25/1
Sam Nunn 18/1
Tim Kaine 7/5
Brian Schweitzer 30/1

For more entertainment and pop culture odds, visit www.Bovada.

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by BetUS PR at 1800-sports.com on August 12, 2008

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