Chooses Aviation Adventurer Steve Fossett as Its Latest 'Gambler of the Week'

Fossett Breaks World Flight Distance Record After Traveling More Than 26,000 Miles in 76 Hours

Monday February 13, 6:44 pm ET - SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, Feb. 13 /PRNewswire/ --, an 8-year-old offshore entertainment gaming company, announced today that it has chosen millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett as its latest "Gambler of the Week," which recognizes those who take risks by doing something unusual, risky, heroic or foolish during the previous week.
"When you mention unusual, risky, heroic, maybe foolish all in the same sentence, Steve Fossett definitely meets the criteria for our 'Gambler of the Week' title. No one exemplifies those qualities more than Mr. Fossett," says Robert Evans, a executive. "Mr. Fossett is an amazing person and a multiple world record holder, but what made us choose Mr. Fossett was not for breaking this particular world record, but mostly for what he endured while making the attempt... of course, any world aviation record attempt is fraught with risk, but Mr. Fossett not only endured, but overcame a loss of electricity, an emergency landing, running out of runway at takeoff, massive turbulence, which almost broke the plane apart, having barely enough fuel, lack of sleep, a change in landing airports and bursting two tires upon landing... Wow!" says Evans enthusiastically "What more could happen to the guy?"

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As "Gambler of the Week," Mr. Fossett will receive merchandise and gift certificates to use on their website. "He truly is the epitome of the modern day adventurer, and we wish him continued success and safe landings in all his future adventures... but I have a feeling that this is not the last time we acknowledge Mr. Fossett's quests," says Mr. Evans in closing.

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by Nine PR at on February 17, 2006

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