Offshore Football Betting

In many parts of the world, including the majority of the US, gambling is prohibited. Wannabe gamblers are forced to go to gambling cities such as Las Vegas in order to place their wagers, or make small bets with their friends. However, in recent years offshore football betting sites have allowed many sports fans the opportunity to gamble on NFL and NCAA games, opening up a world of opportunity to gamblers.

Since, as I mentioned, gambling is prohibited in many places, it can be risky for bookmakers to set up business within the US, as they would be severely punished in the likely event that they got caught. A solution to this state of affairs became quickly apparent. These days, then, the majority of online gambling sites are based outside of the US. With the opportunity to gamble on NFL and NCAA matches from the comfort of their own homes, the popularity of offshore football betting has soared in recent years.

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What do I mean by offshore football betting? Well, it's quite simple. The football betting part is obvious. 'Offshore' is simply the term used to describe gambling businesses that have established themselves overseas. It doesn't mean that they are running their businesses from oil rigs! These companies are often run from small island states with relaxed attitudes to gambling and taxation, such as Antigua. Gambling companies find it easier to locate there because the governments of these islands tend not to enforce regulations as firmly as countries such as the US, which saves them money on taxes - and often means that they pay no tax at all!

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Of course, gamblers can also benefit from this. Since these betting companies can establish themselves so easily it allows them to offer odds on sports and casino betting over the Internet, allowing American citizens access to offshore football betting so they can avoid the need to take a trip to Vegas simply to place a wager. Instead they can simply log onto the Internet and do a search for terms such as 'offshore football betting', 'NFL gambling lines' or a similar search term, and then follow the links to an offshore gambling site.

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While it may not be entirely legal in many areas of the US, the difficulty of prosecuting offshore gambling sites for allowing US citizens to place wagers on football and other sports has meant that the government often turns a blind eye to it. As a result, offshore football betting has become extremely popular.


by Mike Jones at updated on July 28, 2011

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