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Online horse racing betting can be as fun as the kind you do right there at the racetrack. The thrill of picking a winner can be just as great from the comfort of your living room as it is trackside. Online horse racing betting differs from some other internet sports gambling because of the choices; your options include choosing a wager or a living, breathing horse and jockey or finding a web site that offers online horse racing betting in the form of virtual racing. That's right - a computer generated race, but real money wagers. The main difference in virtual horse racing is that you, the gambler, are in charge of a virtual horse and stable. This gives the online horse racing betting experience the flavor of a computer game instead of a straight wager. Some gamblers aren't interested in that much of a time investment, but others are hooked from the start. It's a fascinating alternative to the 'straight bet'.

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The top horse on one such site brought in a purse worth thirteen thousand dollars. Some race tracks will even offer tempting incentives to entice you to try this unique form of online horse racing betting; they will match your bet in either dollars or the equivalent in pounds in the UK.

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The virtual horses come complete with their own pedigrees and must be "trained" by competing in virtual time trials and getting equipped with specialized gear like blinders, vitamins and racing shoes. These items must be purchased, but don't worry, you are given the chance to get your horse ready for competition where you have the opportunity to win a purse. A good win will more than pay for the money you spend outfitting your horse.

When it comes to training your virtual beast, owners are allowed to put their horses through a set amount of paces per day - it's designed to be as realistic as possible! Once your horse is trained and outfitted you can race against other virtual horse owners and match your skills against theirs. You do this by nominating your horse for a race; your horse competes for prize money. This is where your money spent either pays off or not.

Is this online horse racing betting in a strictly traditional sense? Yes and no; you have to invest real money in getting your horse ready, then finally run it in a horse race for a purse paid off in, yes, real money. You are gambling on your skill as a trainer to get that prize money. Online horse racing betting was never like this, but it's quite a fun and interesting way to gamble online.

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Arthur Bodley at on January 19, 2007

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