Online Poker Cheating

Online poker cheating is an evil which has found its way in a big manner in the online poker world. As you have cheat codes in the single-player games, even the online games are a cheater's paradise because the technology is not secured, the hacks could spread quickly and the online cyber world gives you the advantage to become anonymous. The online poker cheating happens more often because of the money at stake. Therefore, when playing poker on the Internet, it pays to keep an eye out for online poker cheating activity.

Why do people cheat in online poker games? The motive could be anything from earning a lot of game currency to ruining the game of other players. Initially when the online games were launched there were no instances of cheating because people were just about getting to know the software and trying their hand in online games. Over a period of time, the programmers and people who developed a mastery over online poker games began to indulge in online poker cheating.

One way of cheating would be to conspire with the other members or the players of the opponent team. You can use a telephone or an instant messenger to gain advantage over other players. This move just increases your odds but to get a control over the online poker game, people indulge in hacking, file modification and changing the proxy settings. In many cases hacks happen due to reverse engineering of the game or altering the software or important data files which changes the appearance of the display screen, or the interface. Sometimes the online poker game or any other online game could have bugs in the software which is easy to exploit.

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Now with the cheating going on, you could protect yourself from being a victim of online poker cheating. Nowadays the game developers have found better ways to secure their games. The third party software dealers have got their act together and made a good amount of progress in banning and sniffing out the cheaters. These efforts include Valve Anti-cheat (VAC), Cheating Death, HLGuard, and the ever-popular Punkbuster.

Most of the anti-cheat programs perform automatic checks for known cheats and give the server administrators powerful tools to investigate the suspects. They can find out what online software is being run for playing the poker game and they even have the authority to take screen shots of the interface and the background programs running in the machine which is suspect.

Most gamers at the online poker would not mind the intruding of anti-cheat programs, because when you are playing with the money, you have to ensure that your data as well as your gaming currency is secure. In the end it is more satisfying to win playing the online poker game in the right spirit and the right way without cheap tricks to exploit the software. If you are thinking that the online poker cheating helps, you would definitely have to think twice.


by Bones McCoy at on August 07, 2007

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