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fifa world cup brasil 2014

FIFA World Cup Brasil 2014

2014 World Cup Odds

Soccer enthusiasts interested in online World Cup betting odds will discover a friend in the Internet. Hundreds of websites offer online World Cup betting odds pertaining to soccer. In fact, as the big event approaches in 2014, more and more websites will be tuning into the games and turning their attentions toward the FIFA World Cup and relative information. Simply by accessing such sites, soccer enthusiasts can soon discover what experts are saying about online World Cup betting odds and can use such odds to construct their own wagers on their favorite game.

Billions of fans are expected to tune into the World Cup 2014. This huge event is drawing millions of fans; fans looking for wagering tips on the Internet. As the event draws closer, soccer fans will discover that more and more Internet sportsbooks will be offering up-to-the-minute information on this huge sporting event. But what should one do with online World Cup betting odds once they have been accessed?

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Soccer fans need to remember that the 2014 World Cup is being held in South America-giving those teams the home advantage. The 2014 World Cup is being hosted in Brazil and soccer bettors may want to keep a close eye on their team. In fact, it is not often that a team that visits another country and wins the World Cup-Brazil is the only team that has ever won the World Cup outside of their own domain. Consequently, it would serve bettors well to firstly, watch the home team and consider wagering on them based on the home-team advantage or secondly, bettors should watch the talented Argentina and German teams as well.

Of course, this is not to say that other teams are not in the position of taking the game. Closely comparing the background of each team in the World Cup and reviewing online World Cup betting odds will help bettors formulate more accurate wagers. Bettors should take a look at the team's past performances, what players each team possesses and how many, if any, previous World Cups a team has won. Closely assessing a team is extremely important: soccer fans will be more confident in a wager if they know that a team possesses several strong players. Likewise, online World Cup betting odds for 2014 can help bettors narrow down their choices as the big game approaches.

2014 World Cup Betting Odds sponsored by Bovada Sports

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Outright Winner
Brazil: 3/1
Argentina: 4/1
Germany: 11/2
Spain: 6/1
Belgium: 18/1
England: 22/1
Italy: 22/1
France: 25/1
Netherlands: 25/1
Portugal: 25/1
Uruguay: 25/1
Colombia: 33/1
Chile: 40/1
Russia: 100/1
USA: 100/1
Ivory Coast: 125/1
Mexico: 125/1
Switzerland: 125/1
Bosnia-Herzegovina: 150/1
Croatia: 150/1
Ecuador: 150/1
Japan: 150/1
Ghana: 200/1
Greece: 200/1
Nigeria: 250/1
South Korea: 300/1
Australia: 500/1
Cameroon: 500/1
Algeria: 1000/1
Costa Rica: 1000/1
Honduras: 1500/1
Iran: 1500/1

Group A Winner
Brazil: -500
Croatia: +800
Mexico: +900
Cameroon: +2500

Group B Winner
Spain: -150
Netherlands: +300
Chile: +375
Australia: +6600

Group C Winner
Colombia: -105
Ivory Coast: +300
Japan: +400
Greece: +700

Group D Winner
Italy: +160
Uruguay: +180
England: +225
Costa Rica: +5000

Group E Winner
France: -125
Switzerland: +250
Ecuador: +400
Honduras: +2800

Group F Winner
Argentina: -500
Bosnia-Herzegovina: +600
Nigeria: +1000
Iran: +4000

Group G Winner
Germany: -150
Portugal: +250
Ghana: +900
USA: +900

Group H Winner
Belgium: -175
Russia: +240
South Korea: +700
Algeria: +2200


by Marcus Franz at on June 09, 2014

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