2012 Presidential Election Betting Odds

Ron Paul for President 2012

Ron Paul for President 2012

2012 US Presidency Betting Odds

The 2012 Presidential betting odds have been updated and sponsored by Bovada Sportsbook, pioneering the online gambling industry! Within days of the 2008 Presidential election, the World's top sportsbooks posted the odds on the 2012 Presidency. This is the best time ever to get your bets in as the odds are the greatest for many of the candidates.

The obvious early favorite is the current President, Barack Obama at -200 odds with Mitt Romney as the next closet at +1000 odds. Rob Portman is right behind with +1200 odds and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Mike Huckabee round out the top seven at +1500. A couple of the long shots are Donald Trump at +4000 odds and the World Wide Web's favorite candidate Congressman Ron Paul at +4500 odds. Despite his age, Ron Paul is a good bet since he is a true Constitutionalist candidate and if the bankers continue to get their way, there just might be another revolution (hopefully a peaceful one) in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, he would then be the strong favorite to win. Add a little excitement this political season, take a look at all the Presidential betting odds listed below, place your wagers and enjoy the exciting 2012 Presidential race!

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2012 Presidential betting odds sponsored by Bovada Sportsbook

Winning PartyMoneyline
Democratic Party-325 (bet $32.50 to win $10)
Republican Party+250 (bet $10 to win $25.00)

Party to win Popular vote in the state of ColoradoMoneyline

Party to win Popular vote in the state of FloridaMoneyline

Party to win Popular vote in the state of IowaMoneyline

Party to win Popular vote in the state of New HampshireMoneyline

Party to win Popular vote in the state of NevadaMoneyline

Party to win Popular vote in the state of OhioMoneyline

Party to win Popular vote in the state of VirginiaMoneyline

Party to win Popular vote in the state of WisconsinMoneyline

Winning CandidateMoneyline
Al Gore+2000
Barack Obama-200
Bill Frist+2500
Bobby Jindal+2000
Charlie Crist+2500
Condoleeza Rice+2000
David Petraeus+3500
Donald Trump+4000
Evan Bayh+2000
Hillary Clinton+1500
Jeb Bush+2000
Joe Biden+1500
Joe Wurzelbacher+8000
John Edwards+3000
John McCain+5000
Mark Sanford+5000
Mark Warner+5000
Michael Bloomberg+2000
Mike Huckabee+1500
Mitt Romney+1000
Newt Gingrich+5000
Ron Paul+4500
Rudolph Giuliani+2500
Sarah Palin+1000
Tim Pawlenty+2000


by Bones at 1800-sports.com updated on July 26, 2012

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