2015 Super Bowl Prop Bets

seahawks vs patriots sb49

Seahawks vs Patriots SB49

Superbowl XLIX Prop Bets

Betting on which team will win the Super Bowl makes watching the game that much more exciting, but if you really want to step up the action you can choose to make a Super Bowl prop bet. The term "prop bet" is short for "proposition bet", and this type of betting involves placing wagers on certain details of the game, such as which team will win the coin toss or which team will score the first touchdown. When you are placing wagers with an Internet casino sportsbook, you will probably notice that they offer wagers on prop bets for the more widely publicized games, such as the Super Bowl. You can check with your favorite Internet casino sportsbook once the two teams are chosen for the Super Bowl, and you should be able to see that they are offering a number of Super Bowl prop bet opportunities.

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If you are an avid pro football fan and enthusiastic sports gambler, then most likely you place wagers on the Super Bowl; whether it is a straight bet on which team you think will win or a bet on the spread set by your favorite sportsbook. With the popularity of Internet casino sportsbook growing at a phenomenal rate each year, there is a good chance that you will be placing your wager online. If you have never placed Super Bowl prop bets before, you may want to look into it. Prop bets can be a great way to be involved in every aspect of the big game, and can give you a more chances for walking away with some winnings. Instead of waiting impatiently through the first quarter of the Super Bowl, which many people believe does not have much of a bearing on the game's outcome unless there is an injury; you can be rooting for the right team to make that first touchdown or for a certain player to gain the right amount of rushing yards. Of course, you can even start with which team wins the coin toss! This keeps you deeply involved in the game right from the beginning. Here are some of this year's fun and crazy Super Bowl bets. Enjoy!

Bet Superbowl 51!

2017 Super Bowl Betting Odds sponsored by Bovada Sportsbook!

Bet New England Patriots: Point Spread -3 (-120) --- Money Line -145

Bet Atlanta Falcons: Point Spread +3 (EVEN) --- Money Line +125

Over 59.5 +110 --- Under 59.5 -130

When you choose to place a Super Bowl prop bet, you should try to do a little research first. The only exception to this would be betting on the coin toss, which is a matter of pure chance and nothing else. Which team will score the first touchdown, however, can be a different story. When it comes to your prop bets, look at a team's season history and make some comparisons. This could help you make smart betting decisions.

Place some fun Super Bowl prop bets to add some excitement to Super Bowl XLIX today!

2015 Super Bowl Proposition Bets sponsored by Bovada Sportsbook!

What will be the result of the Super Bowl XLIX Coin Toss?

Heads: -105

Tails: -105

Team to win the opening coin toss

New England Patriots: -105

Seattle Seahawks: -105

Will the team that chooses Heads or Tails in the coin toss be correct?

Yes: -115

No: -115

Will the team that wins the coin toss win the game?

Yes: -115

No: -115

Total Passing Yards - Tom Brady

Over 260 1/2 Passing Yards: -130

Under 260 1/2 Passing Yards: EVEN

Total Passing Attempts - Tom Brady

Over 36 1/2 Passing Attempts: -135

Under 36 1/2 Passing Attempts: +105

Total Completions - Tom Brady

Over 23 1/2 Completions: -130

Under 23 1/2 Completions: EVEN

Team to score first in the game

New England Patriots: -115

Seattle Seahawks: -115

The first score of the game will be?

Touchdown: -145

Field Goal or Safety: +115

Total Passing Yards - Russell Wilson

Over 219 1/2 Passing Yards: -125

Under 219 1/2 Passing Yards: -105

Total Passing Attempts - Russell Wilson

Over 27 1/2 Passing Attempts: -125

Under 27 1/2 Passing Attempts: -105

Total Completions - Russell Wilson

Over 17 1/2 Completions: -125

Under 17 1/2 Passing Yards: -105

Will there be a score in the first 7min 30 seconds of the 1st quarter?

Yes: -175

No: +145

Total New England Points - Odd or Even?

Odd: -140

Even: +110

Total Seattle Points - Odd or Even?

Odd: -140

Even: +110

Team to Receive the Opening Kick Off

New England Patriots: -115

Seattle Seahawks: -115

Team to get First 1st Down of the Game

New England Patriots: -115

Seattle Seahawks: -115

Team to Enter the Red Zone First in the Game

New England Patriots: -115

Seattle Seahawks: -115

Last Scoring Play of the 1st Half

Touchdown: -165

Field Goal or Safety: +135

Total Field Goals Made in the 1st Half

Over 1 1/2: -150

Under 1 1/2: +120

Will there be a safety in the game?

Yes: +550

No: -900

Will there be a Blocked Punt in the Game

Yes: +550

No: -900

Will their be a scoreless quarter in the game?

Yes: +215

No: -275

Will the 1st half end in a tie?

Yes: +550

No: -900

Will the game go to overtime?

Yes: +700

No: -1400

Total Turnovers in the game

Over 2 1/2: -130

Under 2 1/2: EVEN

Total Interceptions in the Game

Over 1 1/2: -150

Under 1 1/2: +120

Will a 2 point Conversion be Attempted in the Game?

Yes: +195

No: -250

Super Bowl XLIX MVP Odds

Tom Brady: 9/5
Russell Wilson: 7/2
Marshawn Lynch: 5/1
Rob Gronkowski: 9/1
LeGarrette Blount: 12/1
Julian Edelman: 16/1
Kam Chancellor: 25/1
Richard Sherman: 25/1
Darrelle Revis: 33/1
Doug Baldwin: 33/1
Earl Thomas: 40/1
Bobby Wagner: 50/1
Jamie Collins: 50/1
Jermaine Kearse: 50/1
Brandon LaFell: 66/1
Danny Amendola: 66/1
Luke Willson: 66/1
Shane Vereen: 66/1
K.J. Wright: 75/1
Byron Maxwell: 100/1
Devin McCourty: 100/1
Dont'a Hightower: 100/1
Malcolm Smith: 100/1
Patrick Chung: 100/1
Rob Ninkovich: 100/1
Stephen Gostkowski: 100/1
Steven Hauschka: 100/1
Field: 25/1

What Color will the Gatorade (or liquid) be that is dumped on the Head Coach of the Winning Super Bowl Team?

Orange: 3/2
Yellow: 5/2
Clear/Water: 3/1
Blue: 15/2
Red: 15/2
Green: 10/1

Many More Super Bowl team and player props at Bovada Sportsbook!


by Mike Jones at 1800-sports.com on January 27, 2015

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