Super Bowl 50 Predictions

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2016 Super Bowl Predictions

Now that the football betting season has arrived and the big game is always on our mind, Superbowl predictions are becoming more and more frequent. Those enthusiastic gamblers who wait all year to bet on the Super Bowl look forward to seeing what the experts have to say. Superbowl predictions can, of course, differ according to whom is making them, but this is where gamblers need to start comparing and calculating so that they can make the smartest wagers.

Super Bowl 50 Picks from Mike Jones

Predicting multiple Super Bowl winners year after year, NFL expert handicapper Mike "The Picker" Jones has returned with his 2016 Super Bowl 50 prediction! For the past two seasons, Mike predicted the Seattle Seahawks winning the Superbowl outright. This worked great for him in 2014, however, as we know the Hawks could not hold back the Patriots in the final quarter during Super Bowl XLIX. This year Mike's Superbowl prediction is the Denver Broncos beating the Carolina Panthers 27-24. Take a look at the current Superbowl 50 future odds at Bovada Sports and get a jump on all the intense pro football betting action!

The Internet has created a whole new realm for sports gamblers, and when it comes to the Superbowl a vast majority of bettors are flocking to the Internet to view the expert Superbowl predictions. The variety of reputable Internet casino sportsbooks has dropped drastically, but it is still never difficult to find a place to place some football wagers, and to get some expert predictions on the games. Though you do have to be cautious when it comes to betting with an Internet casino sportsbook and make sure that you choose one that is reputable and honest, there are many benefits to having so many of them online. Each Internet casino sportsbook sets its own game predictions using experts and oddsmakers of their own choosing, so when you visit a few of these sportsbooks you can make some strategic comparisons. Gamblers who like to bet online (and even those who don't but have access to the Internet) should visit and sign-up to at least 3-5 Online Sportsbooks to check the spreads and odds that each one is setting for certain games, especially the Superbowl, and then compare these predictions to each other. When you review enough of these Superbowl predictions, it is almost certain that you will see some patterns emerging that can help you pinpoint how you want to make your wagers, by finding the best line.

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The Superbowl is arguably the biggest sports game of the year in the United States, and making Superbowl predictions is serious business. Many Internet casino sportsbooks as well as brick and mortar casino sportsbooks are going to be taking in some heavy betting, and they want to reap some benefit from this. If you will be gambling on the Superbowl online, take some time and do your homework. Compare predictions, odds, and spreads, and make sure when you know which two teams are going to the Superbowl that you watch carefully for any last minute player injuries or anything else that could change the odds. Don't wager hastily; do the research and bet smart and you have a better chance of getting rewarded handsomely on Superbowl Sunday.

Take a look at the 2016 Super Bowl betting odds sponsored by Bovada Sports!

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by Bones McCoy at updated on December 21, 2015

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