Tennis Betting Tips

A look into key Tennis Betting Tips by Kevin Owen

Even though nothing can replace time studying and research when looking for good bets in the world of professional and amateur tennis betting, tennis betting tips can serve as reminders and as a way to organize and construct a winning strategy for beating the bookmakers at their own game. Tennis betting tips are in some ways unique to the game of tennis, because tennis itself is a unique sport, but there are some definite similarities between betting in tennis and betting in other sports. These tennis betting tips will hopefully help you create a betting strategy that is more effective and reaps you the most rewards with the least amount of risk.

The first thing that most people consider when they are deciding whom to bet on in a sporting match is the home team. At first glance, tennis would not seem to have much of a home/away situation. However, that isn't necessarily true. Americans do better at American events; the French do better at French events, etc. Also, you have to keep in mind who is popular, who is going to have the most fans in the crowd at any given event. Andy Roddick is super popular in the United States right now, so one tennis betting tip that is important is to, if all else is equal, go with the guy who has the support of the crowd.

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In a related tennis betting tip, people are popular because they win and get the attention of newspaper columnists and magazine editors. Tennis seems to be a sport where a few players will be really good for a few years, almost sure things, and then the torch will get passed to the next generation of players. Tennis players will often times have unbelievable win streaks, and keeping this fact in mind is an important tennis betting tip. Most of the time, the really good tennis players will have ridiculous odds, you will have to do something insane like bet $200 to win $100 on some of the best players. You can make this work to your advantage if you catch the player on a down day and can successfully bet against that player. It is risky, but if you can pull it off, you can make quite a bit of money.

Another tennis betting tip is to look for the really good players to play particularly well in the run-up to a grand slam event. They really want to win because wins will improve their standing and thus their seeding in a tournament. This is similar to the betting situation in the run-up to the playoffs in basketball or baseball, the good players rise to the occasion. Don't look for any big upsets in these situations.


by Kevin Owen at on March 14, 2006

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